The Project on Student Debt works to increase public understanding of student debt trends and the implications for families, the economy, and society. Recognizing that loans play a critical role in making college possible, the Project's goal is to identify cost-effective solutions that expand educational opportunity, protect family financial security, and advance economic competitiveness.

Honors: Project on Student Debt was named one of the 10 Best College Websites by U.S. News & World Report!


This site needed to communicate effectively with a wide audience, including college students, parents of students and individuals at the highest levels of power in government and major educational institutions.  Acting as a clearing house of information and resources, this site needed to educate, motivate and rally visitors behind the cause.

our solution

Together with Project staff, Aeronet developed an information-rich, easy-to-use site with a simple, yet hip visual look and layout.  The home page includes links to articles and publications, a continuously rotating display of student debt testimonials and a quick user survey system.  The site information is managed within a database-driven content management system.


The site's user-focused interface, together with the many interactive and engaging systems on this site, keep visitors coming back and donations flowing into Project On Student Debt's headquarters.