Ella Baker Center for Human Rights staff approached Aeronet wanting a completely new presentation and organization of their website content as well as a new, open-source content management system.


Ella Baker Center staff wanted the design of their site to evoke the robust and complex advocacy organization they have become over the years.  They wanted their very active blog to be integrated throughout the website, their advocacy campaigns to be presented in a consistent yet flexible way, and their actions to be made more prominent on their home page.  Most of all, they wanted the website to communicate in a clear and strong way exactly what they're about and how they go about their work.

our solution

We developed a dynamic home page for this new website that communicates quickly and powerfully the most important work that Ella Baker Center is involved in.  A series of home page slides and accompanying text rotates through the home page, communicating clearly and urging viewers to take action.  The website blog posts, events listings and news items are presented right on the home page in an easy-to-read listing.  Each of the important Ella Baker Center campaigns uses a collection of pages within the site that highlight the efforts underway.  Social media has been integrated with many areas of the site in a more complete way, including feeds from Facebook and Twitter, as well as links to a number of Ella Baker Center social media pages and accounts.

Aeronet built the Ella Baker Center website using Drupal 7, providing the center with a powerful and flexible system that has lots of room to grow in the future.


This website has enabled the Ella Baker Center to better represent its work to the world, more easily garner new volunteers and funding, and most importantly portray the center in a current and modern light.

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